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Monatomic Super Conductivity

This kind of energy can be made from a new elemental state of gold called M State. This element is a white powder produced from broken down gold into individual atoms. Gold can transmute naturally and artificially into an inert white powder. All elements such as platinum, rhodium, iridium can dissolve into a powder which is called M State these metals break down both individual atoms and micro clusters.

From a physics point of view the properties and energies of monatomic conductivity is a state when time forwards electrons and when time reverses electrons these fuse around the nucleus of the atom causing each atom to lose its chemical reactivity to its neighboring atoms.It is this lack of chemical activity that makes the metal loose its metallic appearance and disaggregates into a powder. A powder un-detectable to ordinary lab equipment, the atomic state is far below its own energy,its like if each atom took all the energy it used to react to its neighbour and turned inward on itself loosing all its natural capacity. The energy deformed these nucleus stretching it out into a elongated shape known as an asymmetrical high spin state. There are atoms which can pass high energy from one atom to another without losing any of their energy. This is known as superconductivity energy passed into a superconductor which can continue to flow through any material without losing any of its power,a perfect superconductor would allow energy to flow until the end of time itself.

Primordial light

Is the spark of all existence it is the light which all consciousness higher and lower exists from.

Superconductors create an energy field called Meissner Field which affects the law of gravity and it is in this way that it can levitate mass gross objects as well as distort space and time. Einstein showed that gravity actually curves space/time as the flux tubes of energy creates a vortex in gravity which bends space to its own curvature possibly turning in on itself or collapsing allowing movement to cut through space instead of going around it. High spin metals specially gold and platinum through the exposure of ingestion can stimulate the endocrine systems creating a heightened state of awareness. These high spin atoms act as perfect conductors bringing a communication system between cells in the physical body and neurons of the brain through a higher universal energy consciousness which triggers a response from the energies of the subtle or ethric body to flow through the physical body bringing about a new stream of communication between the various energies of all cells and DNA. This cannot be explained by pure chemical transmission across synapses, as brain cells communicate too quickly,so some form of superconductivity is involved. Pure higher energy consciousness can also be operated in this way as the velocity of energy or its force of power can also create high spin atoms which flow undected from one atom to another without losing any of its power carrying within it a highly intelligent communication process.

The pineal gland is impregnated by eternal ideas and gives the possibility of formulating our own conceptions,it is an organ of thought by means of which we acquire inner perceptions which can be transmitted to external ideas of which manifest in the earthly reality of which we live in. The pineal gland is like a receptor it receives and sends out signals of subtle energy vibrations which carry the thought forms of universal consciousness and psychic phenomena like radio waves to the brain. The endocrine gland are ductless glands which secrete directly into the blood stream and activates the pineal gland which is known to activate self awareness,inner vision and clear clarity of thoughts with intuitive knowledge. The third eye or 6th chakra which is situated between the brows is also an anatomical reality just like the pineal gland. We are surrounded and bombarded by thought fields and the thoughts we claim as our own are like continuous fields of chaotic energies all criss crossing each other,some of these thoughts are cosmic thoughts as they are cosmic in their origin meaning the universal consciousness in its higher capacity of energy consumption is sending thought waves that get transmitted through areas such as the pineal gland and third eye. There are so many energies being transmitted they are seen like local radio stations, but these are often distorted through the chaotic thoughts from everyday reality. The pituitary gland is the main receiver channellings all the various wavebands and frequencies through the secretions,which are then directed to the pineal gland which amplifies certain broadcast waves of energy for transmission through out the physical body.

The pineal gland has total control over what it will and what it will not transmit through its regulated manufactor which releases the hormone melatonin, a high melatonin production increases the facility for receiving and transmitting high frequency cosmic energy wave bands as well as the local broad waves,these energy wave bands leads to a greater cosmic awareness and a higher state of intuitive knowing. It is interesting to note that the pineal eye has been found to contain very fine granular particles a bit like crystals in a radio set, and in cosmic mathematics or the numerology of the universe the number 33 has a very high nomination because in ancient times it was seen as the symbol of the serpent representing the awakening of the kundulini energy which rests at the bottom of the spine. It is on this awakening that the serpent energy uncoils from the base of the spine and rises up the 33 vertebrae of the spinal cord until it reaches the pituitary gland which invokes the pineal gland which brings awareness of heightened perception to the individual. The science in this generation is one of the lost keys of wisdom.

Superconductors in the Body

It has been reported through a Scientific magazine that the effect of the platinum group of ruthenium when in singular atoms are placed at each either end of a short strand of DNA it then becomes 10,000 times more conductive and stronger than it would be normally,it becomes in effect a superconductor through the double helix strands along the axis of a molecule creating a web like structure of informative information, this communicates throughout all energy cells within the physical body. The use of platinum, iridium and ruthenium in the treatment of cancers, which are caused through the abnormal and uncontrolled division of body cells, helps the process of the superconductivy energy of the application of a platinum compound which will resonate with the deformed cells causing the DNA to relax bringing an altered state of communication between cells to the DNA which then can correct itself to its original pattern of communication. Such treatments requires no surgery as it does not destroy the surrounding tissue like radiation or kill the immune system like chemotherapy because the ruthenium atoms interact with the DNA correcting any malformation in cancer cells.

Monatomic gold are in effect are stealth atoms and it has now been ascertained that body cells communicate with each other by way of stealth atoms through a system of light waves passing through the body. What new science determined was that monatomic ruthenium resonates with the DNA and by dismantling the short length helix  rebuilds itself correctly. It is known that both iridium and rhodium have anti ageing properties, so while ruthenium and platinum compounds interact with the DNA and cellular body it is also known that gold and platinum metals in their monatomic state which is a singular atom in high spin can activate the endocrinal grandualr system in a way that heightenes awareness and aptitude to extraordinary levels. Like wise the monatomic powder of iridum has a similar effect of the serotonin production of the pituitary gland and would appear to re-activate the body's junk DNA along with some unused parts of the right hemisphere of the brain.

Monatomic Conductivity can be produced in the body either from taking the powder in its elixer form or from universal energies of consciousness of the soul/spirit. It takes a pair of electrons or protons to unite, this can be from any distance in space to a form a substance of matter as in the physical body. An electron in a space in the zero vacum and can inter-communicate with an electron in the cells of the human body and ignite creating an energy of light and it is this light energy that conducts a passage through the body transforming it through the subtle body to the physical. This light changes the passages of time in cells,molecules and DNA renewing them and rewiring them to a new communication system that passes through the DNA. It can also ignite some parts of what is known as junk DNA to help with creating a new communication system throughout the whole physical structure,this has been called and known as miracles as no one can define its existence in science or chemical substance. This energy creates the change of pattern that is within the subtle body of light which then projects itself through to the physical in accordance to the unique pattern that is within the light of the soul/spirit.

This conductive monatomic energy activates the pineal gland and transmits the higher mind to what is known as inner perceptions as the pineal gland is it's receptor which receives and sends signals of subtle energy vibrations that carry the thought form of the universal consciousness and then transmits it via the brain. The re-wiring of the neurons of the brain in the front cortex of the right hemisphere of the brain is the part that is not normally used according to scientists and neurologists, they say that we only use a small amount of the brain and there is much of the brain that no one really understands. But when the activation of a superconductivy arises it can bring more awareness and enlightenment to the individual then any medical knowledge is known. The conductivity does not trigger itself in the human body but needs a counter part outside the realms of physical density in other words a highly intelligent universal energy mind which can only be connected through some form of meditation.

Those who take a remedy such as monatomic gold powder or an elxiir will have certain results of some healing in the body,but this can be done without buying these substances. What scientists do not comprehend is this kind of energy conductivity can occur to those who have either undertaken spiritual training as in deep meditation which is projecting the energy consciousness of the soul/spirit to connect with the self. This light force of super energy conducts itself so that its power never wanes or loses its strength,it can keep moving in its own oscillation and velocity in a never ending stream of motion. When an indivdual has been ignited with this energy which can often happen through a very strong force of kundulini experience, the individual will then notice a huge difference in their physical well being having more energy and less complaints of ailments. It is often felt by being rejuventated as it is through this continious motion of conductivity of energy flow that people become much more aware and enlightened to their own subtle body and spiritual enlightenement.

Let us look at in another way a train that is run by coal needs constant refueling, just as a train is run on electric it needs to be coupled with over head wires, but if there is damage to the overhead wires there is no motion to the train, the same goes for the train run by coal if there's not sufficient coal being stoked into the engine the train loses motion ,but with super conductivity a train would need nothing more but pure energy to give it perpetual motion, it would then simply float or glide along within its own motion of velocity. It is in this way that super conductivity of energy can flow through the subtle body and project itself into the physical in a never ending existing form of light in a capicity that never needs refuelling as it is a never ending constant state of spin neither accelerating or decelerating but in a constant balance of its unified form. 

It is the thought form within the spirits universal light that creates a new communication system to the cells, DNA and re wires those cells and DNA that has perhaps become disabled in some way causing physical ailments within the body. Universal light or zero energy is the thought form that creats all life,so think of the immense possibilities it can do when activated in this way that gives a continious spin of an electric super conductivity of which no can see through any of the five senses. Unforunately surgeons and scientists will not be able to work with this energy as it is pure universal consciousness that has the designed the software for this to take place. Unless the individual takes some form of meditation for quite a period of time this energy cannot ignite itself as there will be to many layers of the self over shadowing the light of the spirit.

I think there will be much more of this in the future when more people become aware of their own spiritual self and become enlightened to the true spirit in which they were designed and not just a body of matter with a body/mind label of a name. So much of nature is the true reality of universal creation and is so simple in its complexity,only humans make things difficult and complicated due to the only access of knowledge being through the two hemispheres of the brain.